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47 Interlochen Drive
Atlanta, GA, 30342


Premium/Top-shelf, Ready-to-drink, Single-serve Craft Cocktails by Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co. -- "Small Jar. Big Drink."


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It all started with a batch of Manhattans...

Zach Schaumburg

Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co. was created when screenwriter turned medical student, Russell Schaumburg, made a batch of Manhattans to bring to a dinner party and packaged them in four-ounce Mason jelly jars, the only containers he could find in his house with leak-proof lids that would survive the drive.

The little Mason Jar Cocktails were a surprise hit at the party. Guests particularly liked the size and strength of the drinks, the look and feel of the jars and the convenience of being able to unscrew the lids, drop a few ice cubes inside and sip away.

The ‘happy accident’ of that evening became something more purposeful when Russell teamed up with brother Zach, a commercial real estate developer in Atlanta, and they decided to bring the cocktails to a market that seemed ready-made for premium quality, ready-to-drink, single-serve cocktails.

Named in honor of their father, legendary East Tennessee physician Edwin Schaumburg M.D., Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co. was founded on the same principles that guided their dad’s life:  simplicity, goodness, honesty, generosity and a fun-loving spirit dedicated to living large in the smallest ways.