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Premium/Top-shelf, Ready-to-drink, Single-serve Craft Cocktails by Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co. -- "Small Jar. Big Drink."


Our Story

Like many of the best ideas behind some of the world’s most beloved products, Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co. was the result of a ‘happy accident’. Russell Schaumburg, Hollywood screenwriter turned medical student turned accidental mixologist, found himself empty-handed on his way to a dinner party and was forced to get creative on the spot. Without a bottle of wine or six-pack of beer in sight, Russell recalled a quote he once heard (or possibly made up that night):

"When life hands you lemons, make some cocktails."

So, that’s what he did…

Desperate to be a polite guest, Russell Schaumburg mixed up a batch of craft cocktails and put them in the only containers he had:  Mason jelly jars. The little 4-ounce Mason Jar Cocktails were a hit. The perfect size and strength. The perfect look and feel. All you had to do was twist off the lid, add ice and enjoy.

After Russell sent a batch of his newly created craft cocktails to his brother Zach, they realized they had something special. And Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co. was born.

The Name

We chose the name Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co. in honor of fallen patriarch and patron saint of the Schaumburg family, Edwin W. Schaumburg, M.D. An orthopedic trauma surgeon in Knoxville, Tennessee, “Easy Ed” (so nicknamed for his easygoing manner) was everything a good doctor and a good person should be:  kind, caring, humble, fun-loving and generous. Dad was an uncomplicated man who loved the simple things in life:  family time and Tennessee football. 

Our dad also loved a good cocktail from time to time. In fact, the first cocktail we remember making was a drink he invented while on vacation in Door County, Wisconsin using ingredients that happened to be on-hand:  Vodka, fresh cherry juice, and lime. He called his cocktail a “Wisconsin Wallbanger”, and over the years, it became a mainstay of family gatherings at our cabin along the coast of Green Bay, serving as a forever reminder of the man who had such a positive impact on the six people he loved the most:  His wife, Joanne, his daughter, Devin, and his four sons, Russell, Zach, Eddie and Bennett.

To us, Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co. is more than a cocktail company; it’s a celebration of simplicity and goodness; a family business infused with the spirit of our dad and the qualities he embraced and embodied.



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